Sunday, May 3, 2015

Analyzing TED Talks

I am a big fan of TED, whether it's edTedTEDx, or TEDxYouth

Adapted from Audrey Lee, MSUSD
   I like that the talks are short, yet still very thought provoking. I really wanted to use them in my class, but do it in a meaningful way. I didn't want to just show a video and say there you go, think about that. I adapted a four C's graphic organizer to make it applicable to watching a TED talk, and now we have TED Talk Tuesdays. My class really enjoys TED Talk Tuesday and if we miss it for some reason, they always grumble in disappointment. I've linked to a google doc that you can download and print.
   It does take a little behind the scenes work to find the right TED talks, so I have included a top ten list of my favorite TEDs. In the beginning, I spent a great amount of time trying to find talks that went with our current curriculum, but I have since let that go in favor of talks that will get them thinking about the bigger picture, making real life connections, asking questions, or questioning themselves. My students have gotten really great at connecting to what we are learning, so I feel like I am taking something away from them if I make it so obvious by showing a talk on river systems when we are learning about the agricultural practices of ancient civilizations.


  1. This is awesome! Thank you so much. PM Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, Maryland

  2. I've started using TED Talks this year with my students! Love it! How do you evaluate the assignment? Do you have a grading scale rubric you use? Thanks!

  3. I love TED Talks and have been looking for a better way to incorporate them into my classroom culture! Yay!!

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