Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Pocket

This app has done more for my teaching than any other app!  It is the greatest tool I have found in months, like a virtual file cabinet.  I tried diigo and a few other things but they were rather complicated and I couldn't figure them out. I stored videos on a website, I think it was teacher tube, but it wasn't very convenient or easy to use.  This app has solved every problem I have had with every other app I have tried.
Now it doesn't matter if I am on my computer at work, my phone, my iPad, or my home computer when I find something I want to use in my class.  I can add tags to the pages I save so that I can easily pull up all of my digital resources on Edgar Allan Poe at once.  

Another problem this app has solved is the always fun sidebar content on YouTube.  Nothing is more embarrassing than pulling up the video you want to use in class and having one of the sidebar videos called "Sex in Ancient Egypt".  You just never know what content is going to be over on that sidebar.  With this app, I can save my YouTube videos and play them from my pocket with no other content showing.  Here's a peek at my pocket:
And I saved the best part for's free.

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